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Comprehensive guide for publishing search engine results [updates] (part 2)

 Comprehensive guide for publishing search engine results [updates] (part 2)

Comprehensive guide for publishing search engine results [updates] (part 2)

Now get backlinks, regardless of what type ... for your article in "Medium" which contains backlinks for your site, archive your article in search engines in order that the backlinks that your site will take are archived ... Wait two days, archive your site.

Let's say, for instance , that i would like to form this page top in search engines with the word “SEO” ...
i will be able to write an essay of no quite 800 words in “Medium” and make “Anchor Text” for my essay within the following format for the word i would like to compete during which is “SEO”.

Congratulations on top of the search results ...

This method is tried and true, and most significantly you'll not be punished, but on the condition that your article on "Medium" isn't an equivalent as your site.

Tumblr: Same principle on Meduim.
Pocket: Same principle on Pinterest.
Reddit: This platform is taken into account one among the simplest platforms so as to urge fantastic traffic and high-quality backlink ... the more “Upvotes” are made for your site, the more backlinks you'll get, so if you're one among the people that add the sector of viral and news, this platform may be a treasure for you ... As i discussed the key to getting "Upvotes" and visits to your website is to play with the emotions once you use the headlines.
you'll also create an account on Instagram and “Digg”…. In fact, there are endless ways to urge a high-quality backlink for your site, so ready to |i'll"> i will be able to not be able to cover all the points during this article that talks about SEO generally , perhaps we'll study all the methods during a comprehensive guide for less than backlinks.

You should also know that so as to realize good leads to the sector of SEO you'll need special tools for SEO which will assist you tons so as to top the search results, the matter is that these tools are very expensive and should exceed $ 497 per month, so i counsel you to read this guide during which I participated within the best free SEO tools that each marketer should use it!

If you're very curious about ways to get high-quality backlinks for the sake of leading search engines, i counsel you to read this guide for the SEO site. Correct only covers all points apart from “Web 2.0”, but this text remains the simplest guide for 2020 within the field of SEO and getting backlink: “Bigger An Arab guide to backlinks in 2020. ” I also advise you to read this article: “10 Best Sites to urge Backlink”.

3- Interest within the internal SEO of the location
it's true that we mentioned backlinks before the interior SEO for its importance, but without internal SEO, albeit you've got the simplest backlinks, you'll not be ready to produce the results of search engines. the interior SEO of the location is one among the foremost important factors that contribute to the highest of the search results and appearing within the first ranks, and this includes a gaggle of things we affect in what Follows:

First: concentrate to the speed of the template
The speed of the template for your site greatly affects the issuance of search results, and someone may ask now what's the connection of the speed of the template to look results? the solution here is extremely simple, which is to think about yourself as a visitor to a site and find it very slow in loading and opening pages and pictures , so will you remain on this site?
Certainly, you'll get out of it, and therefore the simplest example of this is often your reading of this text , meaning that you simply continue reading so far this suggests that the location is fast, otherwise i will be able to not continue reading, and in fact the very fact that the location is slow will increase the bounce rate of your site and thus will negatively affect the search results.

Second: Adding a beautiful name and outline to the blog
The name of the blog and its description also are important matters that fall into the subject of improving the interior SEO of the location you'll put an outline and title for the blog by getting to the settings, from which you select the essential then you write the title and outline . If you employ WordPress, you'll use Yoast Seo. But if you employ Blogger, you'll do this as follows :

Internal SEO
It is preferable to write down an outline for every post separately because this greatly contributes to the highest of the search results, and you'll do this in Blogger by opening the post or post that you simply want to feature an outline to then choose the search description and write a meta description that summarizes the content of this post as within the following image:

Third: Increasing the time that the visitor spends on the Session Duration
Session Duration is to form the visitor stay your site as long as possible, whether on an equivalent page or on other pages, so what's important is that they stay the longest period on the location , and so as to try to to so, you want to make your article a comprehensive guide with enough information because it happens on the marketer's website you ought to also attempt to write during a way that draws the reader, additionally to adding pictures explaining what you present to the reader and eventually fixing your articles links to other articles on your site associated with the subject .

Fourth: concentrate to improving the bounce rate
The bounce rate is one among the items that negatively affect any website and even prevent it from appearing in search results because program spiders determine the reliability of your site supported the bounce rate.
What is that the bounce rate? what's meant by the bounce rate is the amount of your time the visitor spent on your site, let's assume that the visitor entered the location and saw one page then exited quickly, this suggests that the bounce rate is 100% and this is often a really bad thing because the lower the bounce rate the higher the location .
Tips to scale back your bounce rate:
Improved literary genre
Keep your content updated
Correctly target keywords
Paying attention to website layout and style
Work to hurry up page load time
Make the location compatible with phones
Create waiting pages
The availability of credibility between you and therefore the visitors
Site compatibility with various browsers
Include topics almost like your own blog posts
Answer all the questions that the visitor may invite the article

Fifth: Interest within the site's images
it's impossible to underestimate the Google image program , through it many visitors come to your site, so always confirm to form your images on the location good and respectful and of top quality additionally to including the keyword in these images and reduce the dimensions of the pictures in line with the location and to contribute to increasing the speed of your site Your. I also strongly advise you to use this site, because it will assist you strongly reduce the dimensions of the pictures by up to 70% without a decrease in their quality for free of charge .
Sixth: Adding your site to the Google search console
Webmaster tools help to research your site, evaluate the site’s performance and maintain its appearance within the search results. one among the foremost important advantages offered by webmaster tools is to assist find problems for your site and begin solving them, and this is often vital because perhaps one among the issues is that hinders the looks of your site within the search results, and for reference, we've previously touched upon a comprehensive guide about webmaster tools entitled "The Comprehensive Guide for Professional Webmaster Tools and Double Traffic". you'll view it to feature your site to at least one of the webmaster tools.

4- Be a specialist
After the last update of Google in 2016, “Hummingbird” has left disastrous results for the famous sites like “The Seventh Day, Hespress…” also as foreign sites like Viral Nova and other sites that mention everything ...
This update has reduced the amount of traffic these sites get from search engines ....
the aim of this update is to point out the simplest results of the searcher, and after many analyzes made by Google, I discovered that the simplest results are always at specialized sites, so if you own a site specializing in one field, you'll notice that the traffic coming from Google increases day by day ... as long as your article is professional with the amount of backlinks ...

Focus is that the secret of success
within the event that you simply want to become knowledgeable SEO for the year 2020, you ought to dear to concentrate on one area, as everyone says "Money within the niche".

Despite the synthetic intelligence that Google and Bing have reached, some assistance is needed ...

for instance i will be able to concentrate on the sector of "health" ...

this is often wrong, because the field of health is taken into account quite a distinct segment , but if I say i will be able to concentrate on the sector of "healthy foods", you are doing not need to mention sports and other things, but only mention foods. this is often called niche ... there's also "Micro Niche" which is that the best if we are saying that foods Health is Micro Niche. The more specialized you're the higher ...

I'll offer you an example: Marketer's site may be a niche site but in Niche, not “Micro Niche”.

the sector is wealth, specialization is electronic marketing, but if we would like to specialize more, then "Micro Niche" are going to be SEO.

Core Market> Sub market> Niche> Micro Niche

albeit you've got the simplest backlinks with the simplest articles. Specialization has become a necessity so as to steer the search engines, especially Google.
Ping hourly limits doesn't care much about the specialty, but also depends on the domain of the location during which the keyword is.

If you would like to top the program bing, what you've got to try to to is have a site with “Keyword” within the domain and high-quality backlinks with some “Social Signals”, this is often what Ping is curious about for an hour.

If you've got not created your site yet, I strongly advise you to read this text that teaches you ways to make your site the proper way.

i like to recommend you to follow this video, and follow "Neil Patel" if you're curious about SEO and generate program results.

The bottom line is to specialize in one field and become professional and you will make a fortune from it, also do not forget that specialization is a good factor in order to appear in your area in Google Maps with ease through local SEO.


How to Build and Train a Team (demo) - Decisions in Dentistry
How to Build and Train a Team (demo) - Decisions in Dentistry
How to Build and Train a Team (demo) - Decisions in Dentistry
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