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Comprehensive guide for publishing search engine results [updates] (part 3)

 Comprehensive guide for publishing search engine results [updates] (part 3)

Comprehensive guide for publishing search engine results [updates] (part 3)

5- Give your best
After the recent updates to Google and Bing, it's not an equivalent as in 2012, creating a piece of writing with the keyword within the title and after the words within the article and it's over, congratulations for you to issue # 1 in Google ...

Do your best
within the year 2020, SEO has become somewhat complicated, it's undue to the amount of articles on your site but by the standard of the articles on your site ...

For this hour, we didn't write 52 articles on the marketer's site, therefore the traffic we get from search engines exceeds 7,000 visitors per day ...

But this matter is thanks to the standard of the article, as we mentioned in # 1 “Artificial Intelligence and User Experience,” this may only be through with a comprehensive and useful article.

The purpose of the standard of the article is for the customer to remain as long as possible on your site, also as to not return and choose another result because this may affect you and your leads to the search engines ...

Well how do I write an excellent and comprehensive article?
Search for your competitors within the search engines for the keyword you've got chosen ...
Read their articles.
Fill within the blank in Article # 1 with the knowledge you found in Articles # 2 and # 3.
Log in to forums, and skim what your audience is checking out ...
Gather information, add it to your article ...
Well now, publish your article ... I guarantee you 80% that you simply will top score # 1 if you implement everything i discussed during this article.
But it isn't up here after I wrote an excellent address with high-quality backlinks ... now's the time to update ...
If you watch the video above of "Neil Patel", you'll easily understand the tactic ...

attend the Google webmasters website.
attend "search-analytics" you'll find it below "Traffic Search".
Now look for words that have tons of “Impressions” but are late results for them

Add these words in your article, by delving deeper into them and why not make them a title in your article
After adding all those words you get many "Impression" in your article. Re-archive your site from here.
during this way, your article are going to be so comprehensive that when the client accesses it, he won't got to look for another article. He got what he wanted ...
Important point: just in case you've got not created a piece of writing yet and need to try to to keyword research, i like to recommend these sites to you:

Keyword Planner
Keyword Tool
Semsursh keyword suggestion
6- SEO for phones and website speed
Imagine with me that you simply are becoming free and targeted traffic for your Shopify or WooCommerce store, but once the potential customer logs in, he waits 10 seconds for the download. make certain that the client will close the page before the download time ends, and thus nobody will recognize you.

Therefore, the speed of your site may be a necessity, and it's going to even be among the essential factors of Google. So if you're curious about SEO for the year 2020, concentrate to the speed of your site.

You can inspect your site speed from us here: PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights
As you'll see, the marketer site is optimized for phones quite it's optimized for computer users. the rationale is:

Seo 2018 phones
Yes, the rationale is that the revolution that the planet has known, as phones became everywhere and at any time and within the year 2025 the amount will double more and more.

By the way, the simplest hosting, the simplest one in terms of speed and strength is “Bluehost” hosting.

The second reason is "Mobile-First Index", let me explain it to you.

A while ago, Google wont to show search results consistent with the device that the researcher is using. If he was employing a computer, the results would vary from the results he would see if he was using the phone.

Now, the matter has changed… If you'll export search results for mobile users, you'll be ready to automatically generate search results for computer users because of the “Mobile-First Index”.

SEO 2019 Mobile-First Index
Therefore, albeit your site isn't fast for computer users, it'll top the search results if it's optimized for phones ... this is often what I looked for within the Arab world and that i didn't find someone talking about this, especially sites specialized within the field of SEO!

Well, how am i able to know if my site is compatible with mobile for better SEO?
the tactic is extremely easy. Go to: “Google’s Mobile-Friendly test” and add your site.

SEO 2019: the last word Guide to Top program Results
If the green tick appears, your site is compatible with mobile devices.

The third reason which will cause you to specialise in the Google program is that each one phones are Android and that they use the Google program because the # 1 option, and Google has also partnered with Apple in exchange for Google becoming the # 1 engine that appears to iPhone users, specifically Safari browser.

As a conclusion, Google has acquired 95% of the mobile market.

Search engine and mobile
If you would like to export the search leads to the mobile, all the content must appear within the mobile version, also because the page speed has become important in mobile SEO ...

don't forget to point out all content to phone users and never do "Read More" if you would like to export search engines!

Important advice: shortly ago, I added "Pop-Up" to my site so as to extend the conversion rate ... and here the cardboard happened. I lost quite 40% of the visitors that i buy from search engines. once I read the book "The Art of Seo" I discovered that Google hates "Pop-Up" and punishes your site for that, dear Marketer, watch out for using "Pop-Up" on your site, especially after the visitor has entered directly ...

7- Outcome number 0 Featured Snippet
Featured Snippet or what we call result number 0 has become the dream of all marketers within the world. you ought to know that the share of "CTR" in result number 0 can reach 65% sometimes and this suggests very tremendous traffic.
consistent with a study administered by the SEO company, Semsursh, quite 11.3% of search results are now available on the "Featured Snippet".

So what's "Featured Snippet" and the way do i buy featured in it?

Featured Snippet in summary is result # 0 that Google added in search engines, also result # 0, you get an enormous amount of clicks compared to result # 1. so as to seem in "Featured Snippet", you would like some conditions: First, to extend your luck percentage so as to seem In result No. 0, you want to first appear on the primary page of Google, meaning between result No. 1 and No. 10.

More than 99.58% of the "Featured Snippet" are on the primary page of search results.
then , put your bait in order that Google meets it, with a summary that you simply should know that "Featured Snippet" is usually the solution to an issue ...

For example, we looked for “What is seo ecommerce”. we'll find that Shopify leads the way in score number 0:

If we browse the article, we'll find it as follows:

Seo 2019: Feature Snippet
consistent with another study conducted by "Semsursh", I found that the simplest thing you'll do is to ask the question during which you would like the result number # 0 and put an immediate answer thereto that's between 40 and 60 words.
In fact, "HubSpot" has used "bait" during a very advanced way because it helps Google in an indescribable way.

As a results of HubSpot's creativity in creating the taste for "Feature Snippet", here is that the result:

Seo 2019: Feature Snippet
In summary, so as to form sure that you simply appear in result # 0, you want to first confirm that you simply appear within the first ten results. then , put the keyword you would like to focus on within the sort of an issue within the sort of "H3". Then, ask a solution directly below it that doesn't exceed 60 words.

8- Voice Search
All that we've wrapped to the hour isn't just for the sake of manufacturing the search results, but also for the sake of manufacturing the results of “Voice Search”.

How is that? In summary, if you're not ranked 0 or ranked 1, your visibility in audio search results is null. consistent with an enquiry done by "Moz" and "Backlinko", they found that the primary leads to search engines are those that appear in audio search results. The result was like this:

Voice Search - Voice Seach
As you'll see, the highest three leads to the Google program are those that have the best chance of appearing within the "Voice Search" audio results.

don't forget the result # 0 that Google recently added, just research conducted by the location "Backlinko" specialized in SEO, they noticed that 40% of the audio results come from results # 0.

From this we conclude that if you topped the score number # 0, then you're simply leading the results of "Voice Search" directly.

Therefore, specialise in adding many questions in your article with a brief answer to them. this may increase your luck so as to seem in result # 0 and "Voice Search".


As we've indicated since the start , if you're unable to supply the primary ten results, don't waste some time with "Featured Snippet" and "Voice Search". Therefore, focus first on the primary five methods that we've discussed. then , improve your article to seem in "Featured Snippet" and “Voice Search”.
If you apply what I said during this guide with what I taught you within the comprehensive guide Amazon Affiliate, you'll make fantastic profits ...

Summary - SEO within the year 2020
SEO within the future will specialise in three things:

AI - RankBrain.
Seo phones.
Voice Results - “Voice Search”.
this text isn't finished yet and can not end, God willing, we'll update it monthly , so you want to know that I only mentioned 2% of the SEO world, it's a sea, so whenever I even have free time i will be able to share what I learned in SEO and every one the updates which will appear within the future. Also, I didn't mention “AMP” because I even have not finished analyzing its results ... Now it's your turn, share with us within the comments what you would like us to update or add ... As for Bing Engine SEO there'll be a piece of writing thereon ...
I wish you all the simplest .



How to Build and Train a Team (demo) - Decisions in Dentistry
How to Build and Train a Team (demo) - Decisions in Dentistry
How to Build and Train a Team (demo) - Decisions in Dentistry
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