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How to Build and Train a Team (demo) - Decisions in Dentistry

how to do seo for your website

how to do seo for your website 

how to do seo for your website

Doing SEO

SEO is split into two parts, on-page and on-page & off-page

On the page: are all the operations and modifications that we do on the situation itself to be configured for search engines such as:
Add keywords or meta tag codes
How to choose a page link and add words thereto
Tags for photos on the situation
H1 title element
Most importantly, the content of the page must be unique and not transferred from other websites
And other other processes which can increase your site's ranking within the search engines
Off-page: it's all the operations that we do outside the situation to understand the arrogance of search engines, like external links, but it must be during an accurate way and not spam so on avoid punishing your site by Google. Most of the methods utilized in off-page SEO are illegal methods from the purpose of view of search engines. Because the thought of off-page SEO is to urge links to your site on other sites, and from the purpose of view of the program it's rejected for the situation owner to make links himself
External links to his site, but external links are obtained by Internet users. If the situation provides useful content, users will automatically transmit it (from Google's point of view). But what happens actually is otherwise, if the owner of the situation who wants to configure his site for search engines relies on users to urge external links, he won't be able to appear in advanced results because most of the sites that occupy the first ranks don't follow Google's instructions during this part.

Search engines are very many, and each of them has its own way of working, there's Google, Yahoo, Ask, About, and each of them features a way for arranging results or the so-called Rank, and much of methods have appeared so on get the absolute best rankings within the program -rank- and from which it came the thought of a search engine optimizer in terms of ranking results on the first pages.

White hat and black hat strategy
White Hat: A white hat strategy means using legitimate and natural methods to reinforce your website's ranking in search engines.
Black hat: The black hat strategy means using devious and illegal methods to reinforce your website's ranking in program results.

Types of SEO factors
The factors affecting SEO are divided into two types:

On-site SEO factors
They are the inside factors of the situation and include primary and subheadings, HTML codes, content quality, internal links that link the numerous pages, and search keywords.

Off-site SEO factors
It is a gaggle of things that affect the ranking of your site within the search engines and are not related to HTML codes, and it includes:

External links
That refers to your site, but it must be taken into account that the links must be from reliable sources so on possess an honest impact and help in good ranking. Whereas if it's from bad or banned sites from Google, its effect could even be bad, but it's extremely costly.

social networks
The relevance of web sites is measured by the degree to which users interact with the situation on social networks. That is, what percentage people are reposting it and commenting thereon . The larger the quantity , the more positive signals it sent to seem mechanisms.

The most details to remain in mind with SEO in 2016 are as follows:

The site must be eligible for mobile devices (Mobile Friendly Optimization).
The quality of the content posted on your site.
The speed of the time the online site opens and is not quite 2 seconds.

Benchmark chart
Most search sites, especially Google, recommend using to help search engines better understand their content. additionally to presenting information clearly within the search results. A tagline is code that's added to an online page so as that it displays various information about it within the search results, such as:

date of publication
the description
The price
This method is known as informative snippet.


How to Build and Train a Team (demo) - Decisions in Dentistry
How to Build and Train a Team (demo) - Decisions in Dentistry
How to Build and Train a Team (demo) - Decisions in Dentistry
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