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How to Build and Train a Team (demo) - Decisions in Dentistry

The best free and paid SEO tools

 The best free and paid SEO tools

The best free and paid SEO tools

There are many platforms and tools for improving websites for search engines, including free and paid, the foremost important of which are:

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is one among the foremost important webmaster tools that provide tools to watch the site’s performance and its compliance with search engines ’requirements from reports, including the amount of times the location appears within the search results, the amount of clicks on the site’s pages, the words utilized in the searches for your site, the modified and modern site page indexing tool additionally to a report External and internal links (backlinks) to the web site and reports on website compatibility with mobile browsing experience.

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics platform provides performance analyzes and statistics for websites and mobile applications, which include the amount of website visits and therefore the refore the refore the source of these visits and determining the private categories of tourists to the location (country of residence - gender - average ages - devices used for browsing) and the average duration of browsing the location 's pages additionally to tracking the movement of site visitors so as to work out The extent of satisfaction of the visitors (potential customers) with the content of the site and the number of desired conversions (purchases of products and services) completed.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog paid tools scan your website and verify (Invalid Page Links - Check Redirect Cases - Analyze Headlines and Page Description - Duplicate Content Check - Create XML Sitemaps - Internal Site Structure Analysis - Website Structure Statistics and Analyzes - Site visits ).


Ahrefs may be a paid SEO platform that gives effective solutions for checking websites, studying competitors' websites, analyzing and selecting keywords, analyzing the site's position in reference to external links (backlinks) also as an in depth analysis of content quality.


The SEMrush platform provides multiple paid SEO website optimization solutions, the foremost important of which are (comprehensive site inspection - competitor analysis - innovative ideas to extend website traffic - backlinks - site traffic statistics and analyzes - content quality analysis - analysis and selection of key search terms Keywords) .

Now you've got enough information to understand the importance of SEO for your website and therefore the many benefits of improving your website, your company or your e-business to suits the search engines' requirements, and you ought to actually start achieving this. don't hesitate to contact us to answer all questions associated with marketing, advertising and technology solutions, especially program optimization (SEO) solutions.


How to Build and Train a Team (demo) - Decisions in Dentistry
How to Build and Train a Team (demo) - Decisions in Dentistry
How to Build and Train a Team (demo) - Decisions in Dentistry
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